2019 Foundation Enrolments are now open. We will be having 2 classes of Foundation in 2019 and envision that we will have a number of out of zone students enrolling.

Please read the Policy below for any enrolment enquiries outside our Zone 

Upper Plenty PS New Enrolments Policy


From 2014 an enrolment ceiling with a peak of 175 students and working towards an enrolment of 150 students has been approved for Upper Plenty Primary School.


 Students will be enrolled in the following priority order:


·      All students who reside in the neighborhood area and wishing to enroll at Upper Plenty Primary School. (No closing date.  See attached map for neighborhood area)

·      Students with sibling entitlements. (Closing date last day of term one in the year prior to enrolment)

·      Other students in order of closeness of their residential address to the school. (Closing date last day of term two in the year prior to enrolment) Distance to school will be determined using Bing Maps

After the last day of term two any remaining places for the following year will be allocated on a first in basis upon receipt of completed enrolment and deposit forms.


Please read the enrolment policy attached for complete details regarding all enrolments, including out of zone enrolments.


UPPS Enrolment Policy and Map


UPPS is on the Bushfire at Risk Register and will close on days declared Code Red by the CFA. For all closure information see the link



Dates to Remember

November 2018

30th- Swimming payments are now OVERDUE

December 2018

3rd -Swimming starts11th-Foundation Transition 9am-1.30pm/ Whole School Transition

12th– Parent Helper’s Morning Tea

17th– Gr 6 Graduation

19th– Class Parties

20th– Family Carols Night

21st - Last day of Term 4 1.15/1.30pm finish 

January 2019

29th– Teachers start/Student Free Day

30th- Student Free day

30th– Uniform Shop open, time to be confirmed

31st– All Students start

February 2019

6th– Foundation Interviews commence 

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Safe Schools - Statement of Values

Uniform Shop

All uniform orders can be left with the office, we will fill them and return them through your child when payment is completed. Order forms are at the office desk.