2017 Foundation Enrolments are currently full

Upper Plenty PS New Enrolments Policy


From 2014 an enrolment ceiling with a peak of 175 students and working towards an enrolment of 150 students has been approved for Upper Plenty Primary School.


 Students will be enrolled in the following priority order:


·      All students who reside in the neighborhood area and wishing to enroll at Upper Plenty Primary School. (No closing date.  See attached map for neighborhood area)

·      Students with sibling entitlements. (Closing date last day of term one in the year prior to enrolment)

·      Other students in order of closeness of their residential address to the school. (Closing date last day of term two in the year prior to enrolment) Distance to school will be determined using Bing Maps

After the last day of term two any remaining places for the following year will be allocated on a first in basis upon receipt of completed enrolment and deposit forms.


Please read the enrolment policy attached for complete details regarding all enrolments, including out of zone enrolments.


UPPS Enrolment Policy and Map


UPPS is on the Bushfire at Risk Register and will close on days declared Code Red by the CFA. For all closure information see the link



Dates to Remember

May 2016

27th– Winter Sport V Kinglake West PS( Selected Gr 4-6)

June 2016

3rd– Winter Sport V Ivanhoe GS( Selected Gr 4-6) Catch Up Round

7th-10th- Garde 5/6 Urban Camp

17th - Friendship Day

22nd- Student Led Conferences ( no classes)

23rd- Whole School excursion to Circus OZ

Last Day of Term 2



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Uniform Shop Hours- Winter

The uniform shop will be open on



If you can not make this time please leave orders, with the office and the order will be filled and returned to your child when the shop is next open. Thanks