Welcome to Upper Plenty Primary School

Upper Plenty Primary School is located at the foothills of Mt Disappointment, approximately 60 kilometres north of Melbourne.   The old school house stands as an historic reminder of the era in which it was built.

The school has experienced exceptional growth since 2004, the school growing from 35 students to a current population of 200.

In 2009 a new school building was constructed as part of the Rural Replacement Program. In 2011 the BER building was added to our facilities allowing the school to boast exceptional facilities in a unique semi rural environment.  While all classrooms have computer work stations, our ICT program has been focussed on building up a laptop and iPad bank which all grades can access.

Nine classes operate currently.  In addition to the nine classroom teachers, we have a part time Science teacher, Phys Ed teacher and Art teacher. There are two part time office administrators and three part time integrations aides who support the intervention program.

Upper Plenty PS is proud of the educationally rich Prep-6 program delivered in each of the Key Learning Areas. We offer programs that promote active learning and we differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of all individuals. Our Strategic Plan focuses on Literacy and Numeracy.

It is our vision to provide a learning environment for all students that is challenging, engaging and optimises student’s ability to work at their full potential.  At Upper Plenty Primary School we aim to provide a safe and caring environment for all our students, staff, parents and community volunteers. We believe that children’s educational, emotional, social and physical development will thrive in a positive and caring environment. We are committed to establishing an atmosphere that builds self esteem and confidence, a place where children can learn without fear of failure.

Our agreed school values include:

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Our school's strength and success is in the area of community relationships.  Upper Plenty Primary School has maintained a commitment to value and preserve the close and supportive school community that the small school setting can provide, even though the growth of the school has been rapid.  The commitment to practices that support the fostering of strong and productive home-school relationships underpins all aspects of our work at this school.  In a nutshell we embrace the belief behind the saying 'It takes a village to raise a child'.

Sue Egan


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