All Foundation to Year Six students at Upper Plenty Primary School participate in Visual Arts sessions, with our specialist Visual Arts Teacher, Mrs Lewis. The Visual Arts program at UPPS involves students making and responding to artworks and drawing on the world as a source of ideas. 


The Visual Arts program engages students with and develops a knowledge of a variety of skills, techniques, and processes, and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.  Students engage in drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, modelling and construction. The emphasis is to provide students with key skills and techniques appropriate to each method. All students can enjoy, experiment, develop and create their own individual and unique art works.



Year 6 Graduation Project

Each year the Year 6 students work together to create an artwork as a memento of their time at UPPS. Each students creates their own hand to be added to our display.



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