English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)


EAL learners are a diverse group, and their learning needs vary. EAL learners include students:
● beginning school in Australia at any year level;
● born overseas or in Australia;
● beginning school with little, some or no exposure to English;
● with schooling equivalent to that received by their chronological peers; and
● with little or no previous formal schooling in any country, or with severely interrupted education in their first language.

Students learning English as an additional language are faced with a number of challenges.
To make progress and to achieve the same level of educational success as other students they must develop literacy in English by:
● learning to speak English;
● learning to read and write English;
● continuing their learning in all learning areas through English, at the same time as
they are learning English; and
● learning about the Australian school system.

They also need to develop new cultural understandings, in both the educational context and
in the wider community.

Catering for the language and literacy development of EAL learners is a long-term, shared school community commitment. At Upper Plenty Primary School, the EAL learners and their families are acknowledged, consulted and included as active participants in the school community. It also means:
● targeted EAL programs are provided for students with the greatest learning needs
● all teachers are aware of the learning needs of the EAL cohort
● strong EAL pedagogy is evident in classroom programs, planning, teaching and assessment practices
● teachers use the Victorian Curriculum (VC) English as an Additional Language framework as the basis for curriculum planning
● teachers use the VC EAL Achievement Standards and the EAL Reporting Tool to validate assessments of students’ progress and to design appropriate learning experiences
● EAL programs and provision are regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to meet EAL learners’ needs
● the School Strategic Plan the Annual Implementation Plan school policies and systemic practices document the school’s support for, and provision of, quality EAL programs.


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