Welcome to year 1/2 in 2023


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Learning the alphabetic code and applying this to sound out words.


In grade 1/2, students focus on reviewing initial code sounds as well as learning the extended code digraphs. Diagraphs are two letters working together to make the one sound, for example /ay/ as in ‘play’ or /oi/ as in ‘coin’. They will learn the different spellings of the same sound over the course of a fortnight.


Students bring home ‘decodable’ books with the week’s focus sound. If your child gets stuck on a word during reading, please prompt them to ‘say the sounds and read the words’. Tell them any sounds that they don’t know. Decodable books to support them to practise sounding out words with our focus sound.  Students also bring home topic- based texts to support the building of vocabulary, background knowledge and comprehension. Please aim to read with your child for 10 minutes at least 4 nights a week, and record their reading in their reading diary. This diary should live in students’ reading satchel and come to school each day.



The grade 1/2 maths block is broken into 3 parts:

  • Daily review
  • Fluency
  • Content and skill development

Daily review involves quick, regular review of topics previously taught to support this content moving into long term memory.


Fluency is students’ time to work on their personal goals.


Content and skill development is an in depth look at a particular topic across the week.


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