The School's Student Leadership system at Upper Plenty Primary School provides students from all year levels with leadership training and skill developments, and there are many opportunities to experience positions of responsibility. Our students relish the opportunity to make decisions, take on responsibility and have an input into the direction of the school. The leadership program begins with roles and responsibilities given in each class at the start of the year.  All children will have some form of leadership or monitor role each year.  A Junior School Council team is elected each year and involves all grades from grade 1 – 6.  School and House Captains are elected by students each semester.


The JSC is formed each year to give students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and participate in the decision-making process of the school. JSC help to co-ordinate activities and assist with fund raising events for school and charity organisations as well as participate actively at school assemblies and functions and organising school based activities for students. The JSC may be invited to a School Council meeting to report on activities.


School Captains roles are generally to attend leadership meetings, meet and greet visitors and take on roles of responsibility where delegated.  House captains are responsible for special events, playground equipment and delegated roles as needed. 


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